One year positions for volunteers

Year long volunteer projects regarding the protection and conservation of historical buildings and monuments is an initiative originally begun by several German institutions known as Jugendbauhuetten – offering young people a new form of participation in support of the protection and conservation of historical buildings and monuments as well as upholding cultural heritage. The name Bauhuette is linked to thatched buildings from the middle ages – wandering groups of masons, stonemasons and carpenters who worked together on the building of churches and cathedrals. Even though they carried out different trades and often came from a variety of countries they formed a partnership.

The work of a volunteer in various organizations and institutions is based on a partnership and common binding cause in the sphere of living and working together to protect and renovate historical buildings and monuments. During the year the volunteers do not just work in institutions (museums, archives, national culture and heritage offices) but also in commercial companies (architect offices, building companies) which work on the renovation of historical architecture objects, art and its various techniques and forms. In this way they acquire the knowledge of how to protect and conserve cultural property as well as gain the experience required in their future career choice.

In 2005 based on the initiative of the Foundation “Rememberance, Responsibility, the Future”, two more offices were opened in Poland: Volunteers in the service of historic buildings and monuments organized by the Foundation Krzyżowa and Volunteers to Protect and Preserve Cultural Landscape and Scenery run by the Borussia Foundation. Every year each of these organizations accepts around 15 volunteers from Central and Eastern European countries.



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