The Stefan Batory Foundation

The Stefan Batory Foundation operates in support of the development of democracy and civil society – a society of people aware of their rights and obligations, engaged in matters of their local community, their country and the international community. The fundamental method of activity of the Foundation is the awarding of grants as part of the framework of dozens of grant programmes supporting core activities of non-government organizations. The Foundation also carries out other activities such as: organizing of conferences and debates, study visits and training, publications, actively involved in campaigns on behalf of the general public and society in general as well as acting as its spokesperson, monitors the functioning of public institutions. Among the Foundations main priorities are:

1. the consolidation of the role of non-government organizations and increasing citizens activity,

2. to propagate the principle of rule of law and transparency in public life in the shape of abuse by authorities,

3. the further development of international cooperation and solidarity.

The Stefan Batory Foundation

ul. Sapieżyńska 10a, 00-215 Warszawa
tel. + 48 22 5360200
[email protected]