The programme

memoria. was a programme initiated by the Foundation for Remembrance, Responsibility and the Future implemented together with the Borussia Foundation, Krzyżowa Foundation and the Stefan Batory Foundation from 2007-2009.
The aim of the programme is to interest young people to look for signs and evidence of a common history and culture in border regions. We focus on the border regions of Central and Eastern Europe, which were for centuries inhabited by people of various religious beliefs, languages and culture. The second Word war, the holocaust and border changes in 1945 were major contributions to the destruction of the multi cultural nature of these regions.
This is why, as part of the programme we encourage volunteers from Germany, Poland, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine to carry out mutual, practical activities to protect and conserve national heritage, to become acquainted with various aspects of the history and culture of border regions and to make contact with local communities. In this way we wish to contribute to the development of cooperation above and beyond the border regions in support of the protection and conservation of the European Cultural Heritage.
The programme consists of two paths:
1. One year positions for volunteers run by the the Borussian Foundation, Krzyzowa Foundation.
2. Summer workcamps supported as part of the grant merit award project run by the Stefan Batory Foundation.