The Borussia Foundation

Since 2005 the Borussia Foundation organizes In the Warmia and Mazur area 12 month long volunteer positions, the aim of which is the sensibilization of the problems surrounding awareness of the treatment and handling of cultural heritage and also to encourage active participation in support of the surrounding environment.

Volunteers from Poland, Germany and Russia become involved in the documentation of historical buildings and monuments, the compiling and filing of documents as well as the conservation of selected historical buildings and monuments and works of art. As far as it is possible the volunteers encourage young people in the area to actively participate in the project and organize mini projects (educational workshops, lectures, exhibitions) aimed directly at the local community.

The institutions which act as hosts for the volunteers are mainly museums, local culture centres and non government organizations active in the field of the protection of cultural heritage. The year long stay of the volunteers begins with an intensive Polish language course and seminar combined with study visitations to enable them to widen their knowledge on the unique cultural heritage of the region as well as the protection and conservation of historical buildings and monuments.

More detailed information regarding the project can be found on the website:

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